Marketing Kit: Buy Good. Feel Good. Expo - Toronto 2020

Help us Spread the Word - #BGFG2020

Share the Facebook Event Page:

  1. Visit the Event Page
  2. Click ‘Going’
  3. Click ‘Share’ & then ‘Share as Post’
  4. Click ‘Share’ & then ‘Invite Friends’
  5. Add the Event to your Business Page (see below)

Let Everyone Know You'll be There:

Let’s make this the best Buy Good. Feel Good. Expo yet!

Feel free to use any of the pictures on this page to share on your channels. Below you will find a few posts that we’ve written to make it easy for you to share (but we would love to see you get creative and write your own too)!

Share the Press Release:

If you have a list of media contacts that you think would be interested in the show, please send them our Press Release. 

Download the Press Release. 


BGFG Feelgood Expo

If you have any questions about the Marketing Kit or ideas that you would like to share, please email Sarah at 

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Invite Your Community:

More Graphics to Use: